About us
Value e-Products is a professionally managed company, brainchild of Industry professionals to empower, educate and collaborate with partners, to enable all partners to enhance the premium of their offerings to their customers. It is an upcoming enterprise, for creating a platform of tie-ups to engage with resellers, architects and other market movers to share and synergies technologies, technical know-how and experiences.


Value e-Products will be a highly professional and innovative organization and most widely recognized and respected for providing best quality products and deliver quality services for a profitable and win-win business for all partners, and for raising industry standards to International levels.


The mission of Value Solutions is to strengthen channel partners by making available to them, the international quality brands at best prices, ensuring best profits to partners along with improving VALUE offering to their customers for strengthening long-term business alliances and relationships. We strive for upscaling vendors’ and channel partners’ businesses for better profitability to all by continuous focus through innovative ways for Brand awareness , Brand development and Vendor Development and by enhancing the supply-chain. Together, we all win