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• LEDs used in projector applications yield huge improvements in projector functionality and quality.
• With LED projectors, no longer will you have to worry about replacing lamps, degradation in image quality due to heavy use, high bulb temperatures, and loud fans.
• LED lamps in projectors are rated for over 20,000 hours of use, many will exceed this number up to 60,000 hours. This sort of longevity saves you lot of money and reduces total cost of ownership as you will never have to replace a lamp again.
• This not only saves you money, it saves your time because you will never have to open up your projector for basic maintenance tasks, or ever worry about dust getting around your bulb distorting your projectors video.
• These long life spans are complemented with a 30% reduction in power consumption when compared to traditional lamps of similar lumen output, and a reduction in heat so that you hear relevant and important part and not the loud fan of your projector.
• Other than long life spans and efficiency, LEDs provide deep and saturated colors, up to 140% of the NTSC Color Gamut. These stats are also complemented by exceptional contrast ratios because the LEDs can be pulsed on and off much faster than a traditional lamp.